Naming day

All along swollen banks
Branches laden with seeds
Heavy from drenching
Rain flooding under feet

An intricate beauty
Calls you to attention
Saying, 'look at me!'
Brushing away dark grey

Standing on her shoulders
Not knowing what to call
Each delight before me
Like a mother she whispers
Call it love

A pink garden variety
Lands on my bedside
Table, couch beside
Picked by hands called love

Machines flooding
House of high tide afloat
Evidence of daily life
To keep warm bodies

Queues of words
Responded in kind
Bring down softly
Tears for fears

Pictures fill the mind
From near, afar, not yet
Teaching me to just be
Naming the days

Abandoning that which
Does not nurture
Grow or teach me
Feed will to love daily
For us

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