Did I?

Did I enjoy that moment then?
When turning a ginger cat out of bed
To sit sublime and write stories
Sip tea and reminisce that moment when

A merry go round of accidents
Incidents, coincidences
Wishing away the minutes
Until another one happens again

Sit steadily, observing
All the people, things, moments
A blade of grass, a couple kissing
Lights flashing, red and blue

Actions shots
Still life
I crawl into my den
Soaking in moments when
In revelry

Devotedly, the afternoon sun
Casts a warm embrace
Over my arms
Shadows dance on black and white keys

As my fingers touch lightly
An enchanting unity
Nature has the key
Buzz pollinating in B minor

Like a moth drawn to a flower
Love is not dangerous
It laments to carry a sting
Used if love is not our best intention

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