To my girl

girlHaving friends like these
Makes it good to be alive

Once a loved one burdened
Me with my life

Ever since I doubted
Was I made for strife?

My worth upon this earth
Is not mother or a wife

A helper and completer
For those grafted to the vine

All these inner longings
Are a gift from God divine

Now my little angel, rest
Until the day is fine

All your gifts and hugs to give
I’ll gladly take as mine

—————————-Photo by Alexander Shustov

Wired for Sound


TuningĀ in frequently

sound bites, snippets

pop up in low fi

filling my mind

through wireless ears

Static surrounds and drops down

Ringing and pinging hearts beating

Your gestures punctuated

by prayers and pleading

begging for what we’re needing

to hear

connecting dots

between points


pulling together

problems and silence

soaked deep in Word

sewn together into

a larger world view

illustrate illustrate

no mundane repartee

sacrifice secular stoics

devout pleasure in pain

tears restrain

buoyed by passion

de-liberation? wrong..

good people I’ve managed

to hold attention too long



Thanks to Mikey