Island state of mind

It's always raining somewhere
On this island state of heart and mind
Soothing cadence wakes me
Just as dawn breaks
Through the glass
Some look up and say
'No, not again'
Wince and cringe to feel its touch
As if in constant pain
While reaching for clean cup
To sip cool clear water
Its precious gift of life
Nonsensical to resent
As clouds of reasoning
Gather, muster all their strength
Across the wild blue yonder west
I prepare myself my clothing
Covering over my head
To keep warm thoughts in
Not shy of getting wet
A reservoir of feelings
Have overflowed in me
How it weighs more than
Anything on earth
As if pinned by boulders yet
As a child I was lavished
Floated entranced night and day
Even the rain on the surface
Tickled my nose as I inhaled
My young ones now are well and safe
As I sit happily smiling
Even on grey ghost sky days
The forecast may change
But one thing remains
Thoughts of her a spring
Clear, calm, collected
Love like rain

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