Carry you

A simple picnic basket
With lemon coloured plates
Enamel handled spoons
Snuggled lie in wait
To carry a delicious bite
Of lemon flavoured cake
While staring over line
Of sky and sea where
Seal mates play
A line exists between
Though hard to see by eye
Some making waves between
When the forecast
Says to wait
So a patient sailor sits
In doldrums eating cake
Until such time fair winds
Return and she'll be
On her way
Rely on mountain weather
To restore fair winds
Set free
Or cloud the fixing points
Lost and biding
In the lee
The journey from horizon
Just as landfall
Kisses eyes
To longing pinnacle
With sea swept bellyache
Is nor the kind of journey
One would wish to take
A sweetheart watching
From on high
Might surely meet
However far off course
A straggling current takes
Surely always carry her
Wherever body wakes

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