Percussive maintenance

Piles of memories
Stored in boxes
A pond growing
All sorts of things
Refreshed by
Overflowing gutters
Four pairs of eyes
Two adult-sized
Watching me
Right myself
After king hits
Like some cheesy
80's game show
On a slippery pole
With only a pool noodle
To defend us

Wednesday is taken up
Keeping back the jungle
Before it overtakes
With long lost friends
Doing the same kind
Of anger management
With garden appliances
Keeping weeds at bay
While admiring
Their flowers
The bumblebee
Thanks us for our efforts
We find that this
Is pleasure enough

In this day
At our stage
Of life re-mended
Signs of life
Warmth and greeting
Between wounded hearts
Still beating
Tended edges show
Signs of life

Constant dripping
Engine humming
People crawl out
From hiding
Expats leaving
Reminded by
More significant
Bloodlines receiving
With love

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