Clear felling

Life abounds left untouched
For decades rooming in
Nesting, burrowing, preening, pruning
Delighting in bush tucker

With no prior warning
Clear felling takes usunder
Genocide of species
No tree left unturned

Burned to oblivion
Black scar spurned
Picked over by predators
Fossicking through ferns

Determined to rebound
Fungi lost and found
Micro beasts set to work
Turning the earth

Vacant lot staring up sky
No export market to comply
Left in capable hands
Nature covers over land

Blanketing beautifully
Eventually dew drops in
Visitors feel no borders
Spreading seeds at whim

Miniature florist fills
Forest floor with more
Delicious delicacies
Eyes to explore

Flying ducks and frills
Tongues, spots and stars
Undercurrent flowing through
Streams of life here found

Humble paws and pouches
Habitable homely holes
Decide upon return
Once grand statured poles

Neighbourly relations
Diverse as land is wide
Chatter friendly company
Muster side by side
Wombat at Bonorong Wildlife Rescue, lutruwita / Tasmania, Australia.

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