Somewhere only we know

Where on this earth
Is there a place to call home?
With resting silence
Chattering streams
Sounds of chirping
In the groves
Do we climb a mountain
And take a ride down
On the rainbow?

Deep blue grey eyes
Watch same coloured clouds
Drift heavily towards us
Like moving mountains
Though weightless to our eyes
Powerful forces hold them
In the sky

A bridge that divides
Also unites
Seasoned minds recall
The day it came down
After rolling the dice
On their way home
So their lives revolve
Staying on side
Never daring to cross
For fear of remembering
Nervously teetering
On edge of floating bridge
Sea spray enveloping
Same waters harmlessly
Tickle toes
At Opossum Bay

We make it look easy
To love
Because we know
Anything else
Than familiarity
Is beyond us
Confronting disparity

If we met by chance
- How many people on this earth? -
Would lady luck allow
Another turn
To find one other
Standing beside
In a place
Made for us

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