Broken wall

Surrounding life
Thirsts for the words
To ask for
Dam wall to burst

Decades streaming
Settling sediment
Drowning surroundings
Tide false rising

Darkest night moon
Shines faintly
On the bloom
Seeping in

Cracks facing
Torrent slipping through
Casting down
Terrified of fall

Received willingly
Dry bed bones
Filling swirling eddies
Place to ride home

Debris washed clean
Roots sinking deep
Resurrecting memories
Of life and growth

Long since lost
Centre squeezed tight
Let loose
Years of devastation

Fill the chasm
Restore to normal
Work of man missing
Ebb and flow

All around us

Tide sidles up
To her thigh
Tickles her toes
Bubbles her nose

She smiles hides
Her hopefulness
That love never left
Stored up for years

Only one
River remembered
Longing to enfold

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