Earth wounds

Gaping wide mouth
Where tree roots
Would dig deep
Holding still
As wide limbs above
Each to each
Arms and feet
Lungs of earth

Two years of weaving
Words of healing
For the colossal
Wound from atom bomb
Dropped without notice
On my front lawn

Wandering hands and minds
Kept still by tracing
Rainbow threads
Counting stitches
Like memories
Back and forth
In the mind

Still a dream weaver
Handing on silent wishes
In thread form
Head, hands, heart warmers
Binding you to mine
Renovating inside and out
Trading old loves
Possessions for new
Regeneration of seasons
Always changing
Yet standing still

Old growth gums waving
At your window
Since before our kind
Carved their history
Over mother earth
Tattooed seared
Grazing land
Will one day be swallowed
By roots and leaves
Once again
View from Cape Bruny Lighthouse

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