Entertain an idea

On a scale of bland to grand
Some ideas seize
By the hand

Come, willing thoughts
Let me lead down garden path
A humble thought experiment
The ingredients are us

Do you dance the tango
Salsa, ballroom or swing?

Be my partner on the floor
Do you mime or sing?

Would you go to Thailand
Egypt, France or NZ?

Do you prefer the seaside
Or mansion in the city?

Would you rather hike
Into the wilderness, or ride?

Perfect night out?
Or in, or both until retired?

The need to entertain
The needs of one another's

The clash of minds
Can give off sparks
Like New Year's fireworks

While if they coincide
Minds grow contented
As they are

These thoughts, kind companions
Never leave us alone
Frederick McCubbin’s ‘Lost’ (1886)

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