Watershed moment

All polished performance of lyric
Chime like a babbling brook
Met in my ears by
Sweeping deep ocean current
Esteemed verse lost in extremes
On all appearances
A sunlit icecap
Underneath glacial still
Torrents melting
Surging along with inevitable flow
Not knowing where to go
Whether to land
On quiet shores again
Carried in resignation
North where steel blue
Moves into folds
Of turquoise, yellow
Above bright coral
Skirts lying on sandy knees
Though carrying within
Long memory
Pieces of unseen life
Held south willingly
Hostage to elements
How many seasons till
Released from heavenly grip
Fresh burst rush of spring
Melts into arms
Of tropical current
Gentle curl round
Rest on shores
All wings now spawn
A flowery mix
Of cool and warm

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