Some kind of love

Are we a race
For reasons of
Or keep above
The rising flood
Of market share
Or do I dare
To love?

To have a knack
To win with words
Imagine this
Remember that
It catches you
In early morn
Then wonder if
A fiction born

Oh happy day
When people teem
Grabbing bears
Near bakery
Order flowers
Queue for hours
To save the Ferris
Wheel for lovers

Once a year
Soft centred ones
Splurge and lift
Spending slump

I'd daily make
English muffin
Strawberry jam
Fish and chips
By Sandy Bay
Coffee brunch
A piece of cake

As if to spot
Rarest flower
Outside your window
Exotic birds
Fly south and make
Their home in
Unmown grass of late

Imagined love
Meets daily wake
A pose, a glimpse
We hesitate
A ritual
To meditate
On one so loved
Of late

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