Mind matters

I wish to be your human
And you could be mine
-My feline friend says proudly-
I hope you don't mind

Such bravery to crawl on me
And underneath the covers
To twirl between my legs
Kiss my nose like I'm his mother

Such boldness is endearing
For what else really matters
Than telling your favourite human
That their absence leaves you scattered

To be near you every day
Or even once a week
Would make all of the difference
To the life I'd wish to lead

To be with you and drink
In the regular everyday
When I run out of words
And hear all you have to say

But dare I say I am
With you always anyway
Only river between
Not an ocean or a fray

- Rest assured I'd gladly swim
The distance any day -

Can you believe my thoughts
Are often interrupted
By the time you liked my shirt
Or by a joke, at me, directed

The time you sat beside me
Every word believed as true
Reciting leaves and lemon trees
Realised was all for you

Painting of a picture
With those stories far and wild
Imagine all those places
From your thoughts to ease my mind

A literary meeting
Like some tower here in Oz
Where heart, soul and mind
Find out they were there
All along

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