Never too late

I am here
Beside you
My name
And yours

The sky is bluer
All the more
For our meeting

May I read to you?
The sun is warm
On our face
The sky of clouds
Wind is chasing

Remember harbour view?
Years gone by and still
The sea comes in
Turns tail
Retreats at will

Feel these shells?
They are lovely still
Each a story
Of little feet and fingers
Grasping at sandy treasures

Your words are well-crafted
Many summers of memories
Laying in beach houses
Stored with wielded pen

Do you remember when?
You taught me all
That comes before
My day of birth
Through your eyes only

Do you know who I am?
A discerning ear
I am not one of them
Neither family or friend

Curious, though, a love
Is this the last time, then?
Will she see me again?
Wonder when.

For all is given
One thing remains
May I hold your hand?
Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania

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