All excuses accepted 
Needlessly offered
For any incongruous
Moments between us

A flash gordon vision
Scifantasy addiction
Concocting subtle reasons
Why you might not
Say something

Give up anticipating
Meaning making
Stories whirlpool
Shimmy down curl wave
White foam spray

Just to taste
Another sun baked day
Flitting time away
Waiting for us
To be brave

We daughter dears
Stick together
Even when eons
Separate us
Across a mere chasm

There is no 'if'
As satellite images
Reveal a great expanse
Only imagined
In writers' dreams

Light years speak
To us when we open
Our eyes at night
Inspired by the same
Sights nearby

Galaxies spiral
Size of a tear drop
Meet me at the next stop?
Always reminding
To be loving you dearly

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