Poised for takeoff

Adrenalin pumping
Shaking out limbs
Eyes on the line
Looking downwind
Peripheral gazes
Nodding whistle
Take your marks
Smoke gun bursts
Shock cool wet
Tip toe beating
Arms breath repeat
Stomach protest
Pushing onward
Suddenly crosshairs
Hand tip touch flip
One long lap
Then nothing
I survey emptiness
All eyes watching
From the stadium
No one near
But one white cap
Slowing down
Mine black
Up the wall
Walk of shame
Trudging drenched
Wet as the supermoon
Tide washed debris
Around me
I return to the start
Shake my head
Can I possibly
Go down waterslide
No way replace
The fun we had
A false start
Takes all my lungs
Sweat tears restraint
Go on without me
A joy to spectate
The dating race

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