Let it be

Heavy and light
Are our thoughts
Day and night
If I could weigh
And equate to
Gold bullion
Guard all the ones
That are one
In a million
Though precious
The arms that
Once little now grow
Will one day
Set sail on
Horizons unknown
So if in the cold
Dark dead of the night
A single rare thought
Keeps me warm, light
My companion in all
Of the difficult times
It knows me so
No doubt is mine
This one sits high
On a lofty white throne
I sit alongside
Never troubled alone
So laden with dreams
Of fantastical places
Magical touch
Silence fills spaces
To carry such treasure
Might surely be tired
Instead the effect is
Remarkably light
So clearly when sitting
Right here next to me
This one a fine woman
So now
Let it be

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