To learn of love

Vast eye in the sky
Long lashes in clouds
Tells me all I learned
From love

How to sing
Sonnets day long
While silent

Gently playing
Vinyl rotating
Turn a trite saying
Into midnight devotion

How to be singular
In constant conversation
With absent lover

Find common ground
With old objects
Of affection

A face blushed
Shining for another
Telling what one
Is capable of

Existing in skin
No trading it in
A lifetime lived
In imagination

To wake with dawn
Cradle in arms
A babe of newborn

Spirit of content
Breathes within
While flotsam
Swirl, slip downstream

Whispers and gossip
Trade ways to leave
Such thoughts here
Are homeless

There body aches
No explanation
Tall tales begging
To leave again

Love well taught
Who saddles
Dark mountain

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