The most devastating weather
Can be made wonderful
Beside a fire
Locked in embrace

The most tragic happenstance
Can somehow be made bearable
By walking it together

As the fear of falling
Becomes a daily grooming
The delight in calling
Another love

Takes the pain out of
The air pressure
The impact when
Sky is spinning above

Like skydiving in tandem
Feel the weight of air together
But even if you go alone
The rush lives on forever

Those who've had their livelihoods
Unfairly swept away
Cling to songs and memories
Of love in better days

It brings them smiles
Laughter, singing
Stories on repeat
This is love's most noble task
In case again we meet

So powerful is love's lament
Like smiling through the tears
It gives us all our decades worth
Reminiscing happy years

So if by fortune I would live
Into those golden years
Rest assured my smile will sit
Firmly past my ears

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