Sound tracks

Taking in all surroundings
Tracks on repeat no match
Choosing songs for new life
Old one despatched

Morning wake up call
Lunch time serenade
Evening retreat
Love crush parade

Can you have too much
Of a good thing?
I'd like to try
Reality sinking in

Stockholm's cold
So's my toes
A fire is stoked inside
Where wind can't blow

What's in a name?
Call me what you will
Mother no longer
Babes named me, Lili

A sweet song
Their voices chime
Familiar tunes
Family tones

Voices leave tracks
Erasing time
Cover over old lines
Glorious overgrowth

Women swoon
Swinging low
Crooning over
Heartfelt show

Spurning strife
Tunes tall tower
Mire a moat
Pale in power

Building castles
In my mind
No need for search
Songs always find

Love's soundtrack
In my life

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