Remember Me

Remember me, when words fail,

when my face softens, hair and skin fadeĀ 

Remember me, when memories are gone,

hold them in your own mind and sing my life to me, joyfully.

Remember me, all trials and sufferings, victories and festivals,

labours and laughter, my lessons hard-won – are yours now,

to remember me.


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First, a quiet friend, dark glossy coat

hanging around me, peacefully

Grows wilder, lays by me rested

Gazing we lie in mournful wake

I stroke its dark and bristly hair

It grows under my care

Follows me everywhere

A loyal friend.

Soon overlooked by daily haste

Untamed, unkempt, rejected

It grows fierce and growls

Paces the floor, I lie awake

Our hearts race

The growing shadow of hairy beast

Takes a swipe, deflected

It claws and prowls, surrounds my all

Steals prized possessions

Forces me back, there’s worse in stall

Let it end – save it takes my all

Grief untended.