I remember the feeling so clearly
Something severe was amiss
Walking through doors they smelled fear
Walking through streets was bliss

The occupation was gradual, silent
It crept in through a crack in the wall
The war was bloody and violent
The defences shattered to fall

The trenches were flooded with spies
Who traded their various wares
And carried off secrets, supplies
No innocent person was spared

Then the cavalry came riding free
Rising up with the glorious sun
Led by heavenly beings in three
They fought for the freedom of one

soldier image


Johari tells me not to worry
Out the bottom window view
Must be Pavlov who knew why
When sad I like my food
Freud agrees he can call
His sister's name instead
Maslow says I'm all sold out
If merely housed and fed
Thorndike's clear your looking good
Is why you're a kind soul
Should have listened to Myers and Briggs
Why you hog the remote control.

Horn rimmed glasses image


A long flowing snake
Of people sauntering
Through the streets
Crowds caterpaulting
Upon signs of
Sweatshop treats

Colours and shapes
Draped upon a
Myriad of skin
Matching one another
Like a false array of kin

Heros take their stand
While the audience applauds
Criminals remanded
Even angels take a fall

Think the worst if you will
It’s your bitter pill
But think of all the
Panic when the crowd
Have their fill

Mob mentality

It needn’t come as a surprise
The number of people who engage
In some illicit trade
At some point in their lives

Consider the timeless predicament
Of those who choose between
The lucrative path well-travelled
Or some nobler yet modest means

The expense to such persons
Is profound in due course
Decline of mere dignity
Whether or not remorse

Inevitable hostility to
Sheer corrective force
Which leads to an eventual
Incarceration or demise

Or so they say..

For Michael

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