A town called Sunshine

Construction grey and rubble blue

Fluoro fashion, steel cap boots

Not a namesake, urban glare

Grinding metal jack-hammer blare


Plank and rail winding on

Milestones leading to no end

Nestled in a corner cave

Industrial music blend


Like a gold tooth in a cavity smile

Where tools, utensils, blades and brushes

Create a different landscape

If only imagined, constructed


Paint explodes outside its doors

Spraying over asphalt floors

Footprints of an architect

To renovate our minds


Pop up places, lounge lattes

Created art resides in spaces

Amid the mesh and metal maze

True sunshine on their faces


“But we do try to turn our backs on the fog and squarely face the sunshine.’ – Vladimir Nabokov



Sunshine Art Spaces Victoria, Australia

Photographic project, Sunshine Victoria – Brad Axiak


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