Better put down breakfast green
Chia swollen in my cheek
Sprouted spelt, kefir, scobie
Ferment mouldy – in one week!

Gather, feast on fruit, fowler
Pummel nuts, mix with seeds
Grind and blend, raw and cultured
Peck at shoots, forage weeds

Solar passive perch above
Cocky landlord’s heavy hand
Our beauty mask smother mud
Bury bodies in the sand

It ruffles feathers, talk above
Telling us to live our lives
Strictly watching whether we
Survive or if we thrive

Barely tolerable compare them to
That barking brute who’s tethered
With left wing broken, right wing spared
For escapades we’re de-feathered

We hobble round and round about
Without a speck of fleas
For now we’ll nest, one day we’ll dare
To spread wings, fancy-free

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