For the first time in forever

For the first time in forever
The grey did fade to black
Surrendered with a wave of white
No feather, no turning back

The care slipped away quietly
Like the soft embrace of rest
The inhabitants played joyfully
The release of post-war jest

I wondered if the revelry
Would cause them all to turn
Into the breaks of natives
Inhabited by scorn

They crept about noisily
Absorbed in mindful dream
Their dictator downtrodden
Marked the end of the regime

The cheek of it extended
To the four-legged family
Howls and yowls of tired delight
Flaunting the reprieve

Not so, the older branch above
Nihilistic post-war bust
Still do tread in sick and age
In nought, do we trust

The strait divide does fare us well
To set our teeth off edge
Despite the toil, agony share
Our souls to Him we pledge

Ezekiel 18:2-3

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