The habits of the hermit

A lightly freckled fellow
Went wandering down the way
Chasing after floating things
That swirled around the bay

When a glint of sunlight
Caught his beady eye
Distracted by the glare
He clambered up to pry

Two fine abodes sat lightly
Upon the diamond sand
One was new and sturdy
The other was old and grand

Upon close perusal of
The bright lit corridors
Each had its own beauty
Buried deep with sandy floors

One as white smooth satin
Like a shop bought wedding gown
The other fine mother of pearl
Like a woman of tender renown

The freckled fellow reckoned
On that shifting sand he’d build
Between the two abodes
His of wood with golden guild

So they sat beside him through
Wind blow and constant tide
Each abode did echo to
The other on each side

Without even discourse
Their company they kept
Creeks and groans, sighs again
On his right and on his left

But neither did this company
Satisfy the fellow between
A secret each to each they were
Neither neighbour really keen

So up he went and lifted
The heavy shell upon his back
Drifted his abode downstream
Where no mothers or lovers lack

Where they crawl out of their finery
And bathe in the sunny bay
Despite their looks they’d tender hooks
Not becoming of a cray

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