Set Free

I could never live my life
feeling tethered to a post
The kibble in the jaw
Blood-sucking insect host

Instead I’m free as I please
To tip toe through the grass
My head and eyes inclined toward
The twerps that flit right past

I’ll chase and pin them down
Put their noise to peace
I dash and climb to hiding spots
Abruptly but with ease

Until I find the dark has come
A great wide cavern between
Where I am and where once was
My bed, my comfort clean

All spent the night and then some
Pacing to and fro
Waiting for the light to come
Then waiting for it to go

Along the black and tarry patch
Between me and my rest
I hear them call, I start, then stop
Put their loyalty to the test

But twerps and grass and leaves
Do not bring me my fill
I dare the black and tarry patch
And a glimpse of my window sill

So I lay beside them, then
Get more than I deserve
I stretch and yawn, stomach intact
Curl once more and purr

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