Bitter brew

Once swallowed and stewed digest
Brings health benefits to bones
Riches the blood and clears the chest
To the marrow, aches and groans

‘Tis a seasoned batch prepared
The choicest flour and oil of olive
With roasted meats the finest fare
Another death so I may live

But not of least this time a brew
This water mixed with chrysolite
Was not so choicest, fine or new
A vile deed done to judge the right

Born of man and brewed by spite
A jealous heart no one could tame
A caution and a crash each night
No salted drops to quench this flame

It scorched the house inside and out
Its inhabitants fled to far afield
Awaiting while her stomach pouts
Expectant under weight of yield

Bursting out with torrential storm
Sunflowers opened break of day
A fair one came at last was born
The spell of bitter brew gave way

Numbers 5

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