Her thing

It was so very cold to hold
I looked forward to the end
When I no longer had to bear
This burden of a thing

But instead I took it walking
Out into the eery night
I spoke soft words into it
In case the dark core came to light

Not a tremble or a murmur
Exuded from its shell
I had to share it with someone
What can this be, pray, tell?

This cold thing you carry all round
You ought to wear some gloves
Protect yourself until you can
Find another whom it loves

So able now to make attempt
To crack it to its core
I chipped and broke off little bits
But it just grew some more

Tenderly carrying for years on end
Just drop it, what is it anyway?
It’s unlikely to be worth a thing
the passersby would say

So let them pass while i protect
The cold and fragile core
Of something that of unknown worth
Someone just might adore

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