Pre-loved. Re-purposed.

Fleeting, fragile / Hand made clay / vessel overflowing / temporal decay

I’ve laid bare all the fault lines

The cracks in the glaze

Dents of time, shards re-assembled

Re-fired, hand painted and saved.

From far away each seems whole

The fault lines form

An intricate filagree pattern

As if from an Artists’ hand.

Closer seen weakness revealed

No longer a pedastal piece in museum

A working vessel, much used and loved

Content seeps out slowly, replenished from above.

Raku pottery image source

We are often asked if we can refire a broken pot or a statue and make it “perfect” again. A potter simply cannot refire a pot and make it whole again. (Source)

Coal River Valley

cold dark hard stone / compressed ages / crazy love / diamond shine.

Piled dry parched / under barren sky / delinquint spark rests / beside ignite.

Illuminable reside / rest surrender / hide.

Fuel pile high / heavy dry / coerce embers / elated fly.

Buried ash Wednesday / live breathe / fanned funneled / exalted hearth high.

Relentless Westerly / battered antique bones / breathe weary / rugged stone hill.

Shines its testament / from stain glass sill / to living room throne / cast iron will.

Love is a Battlefield

A word collage of quotes from my reading today…

“Blessed be the man who took notice of me

Relative, Guardian, Redeemer of my family

Removed his sandal as a vow

to renew her life.”*

“We don’t talk much but I believe

we have a more complete communion

with one another than even lovers have.

We are two minute sparks of life

what does he know of I or I of him?

Formerly we should not have

A single thought in common

now we sit with a goose between us

and feel in unison

are so intimate

that we do not even speak.”**

*The Book of Ruth- NRSV Bible

**”All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque, p.85. (HEB London, 1986)