The Bravest Soul Ever Known

There are no words for the void
Caused to absorb
The impact, a black hole
Colliding with our world

All wisdom won is sung from opening lines
Space, the final frontier
These are the voyages of love's warning signs

Lion roars and shadows me with its paw
Keeps out the beggars and bruisers
Its luscious mane restores
Hope in universal humankind
And all its flaws

None can replace another
Each deliberately one and only
Let me bask in your beauty
A new green shoot
Sending liquid love through my courses
There is no shorthand for miss

When you go, shall I wait?
Will they mock me in the street?
Laugh in my wake?
Will I care?
Do I dare?

Own arms are given to cradle the emptiness
Own fingers given to tap on face, neck and hands
Soothe the fate of their ill wills
Strengthen my resolve and still
My heart, hear it beat.
Fearless, by Liam Jonathan

‘I am woman, hear me roar

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