All the Time in the World

Waiting makes space 
For creative spark
To fan and flame
Give off light and heat
To frozen hands
Weary feet
Drenched habit
Vital retreat

A tender corner of the world
Inhabited by lovers and caregivers
Giving out of lack
Receiving their own back

A golden hue and fiery brew
Embarking on journeys
Such as this

Magnetic pulse pointing
Spinning like crazy
At the turn of a hand
Avoid touching land

Fog blares a sounding
Passage horizon hazy
Whispers, screaming
Go slow.

Twenty knot limit
Cross the bight
Twenty two miles
Following seas

Missed the turn
Secured to shore
Held by wild hands
Van Dieman's Land

To fair winds
Flooding rains
Mistress lack
Wives turn back

Willing friends
Ragged mountains
Carved centuries
Paid in threes

Marriage of land and sea

Harbour Entry, Hobart Tasmania

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