Syntax Error

All I have are words now
                       words are all I need
                                   typed, texted, scribbled out
                                   dribbled out of me.
         Pleading words, asking, begging 
                           verbal therapy
         Waiting on reply, words
                                           Words said absently
         Words poured out in fire
                       through the scribes of centuries
         Both comfort and question me
                       yet remains to be seen..

  Do I have the words 
        or do they possess me?


2 thoughts on “Syntax Error

  1. These a fine poems, Lisa! I am so enjoying reading them – if ‘enjoy’ is the right word. They are more powerful than enjoyment, much deeper and more inspiring. I believe that words to the poet are what colours are to an artist. xxxxxxxx


    • Thank you Ann! That is a wonderful and true analogy. I am going to try my hand at short stories and am thinking about how an artist approaches a blank canvas. 🙂 xxx


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