So I stole one photo that you took and claimed it as mine
I thought you wouldn’t mind but it’s a small token
To repay me for the one of us she never sent
The only one, it’s printed on my mind

Us with our siamese smiles and beer glasses on
Framing us with cider pints, backed by porch lights
The spa filled with artists just out of view
Embracing the awkwardness

Even when scars heal they keep a memory that sometimes
Has a phantom ache to scratch a long lost limb
Forgive me for stealing but if I asked for copyright
To all your contributions it would go on forever

Like a colourful child’s painting smeared endlessly, carefree
All over my mind. So of course if I seek to make an imprint
There will be evidence of your fingerprints everywhere
You are there

As the road trips to reunite become few and far between
A letter to a lost limb and their children unseen
We shared a womb of birth and rebirth, love to self-destruct
I’m still the same as you used to be

Baby boy image

Little girl image:


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