A tangle of tentacles

Dip in to the black ink
Flip feet freely in the wash
Slip my whole heart heavily
Trip submerge willingly

Into swollen tide hiding places
Slippery fingers tease faces
Wide eyed glassy gazes
Wonderment as smile erases

Never you mind, never with me
A tickle teases out a single tentacle
She breathes into me
Avoiding tangle in community

Inner spacial, inter species
Perfect love is never easy
Daily ritual flirts with danger
Obsession dances take your cue

Never see another in a lifetime
What's hurting yours is hurting mine
Taking care is taking its toll
Take a bow the stage is yours

Tiny feet patter away on waves
Never know to where
Loving a mother life giver
Attach, match, hatch...

Love is all and all is love
To find such beauty takes us all
our waking thoughts rise above
A breath we cannot hold

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