Natural Born

Thrills, pills and highball spills
Tumbler emptied, hip flask chilled
Coney island, a laced wafer more
To take the edge off life, numb the core
Wheelers clad in their leathers
Dealers caught us by the tether
To market to market to buy the next ride
On struggle street bodies walk, dead inside
Shake it off, senseless these memories old
Surrounded by living, breathing trees, dreaming beings
Self-satisfaction at old tales retold
The evidence and consequence faded, unseen
The natural born tripper who shunned chemical highs
Prescribed a long life course of pain relief
The deepest ease comes from our loves inside reside
Protects from the whirlpool down, buoyed by treats

Seems the things that make us happy, haven’t changed much since we were in nappies – love food, stimulation, mother nature’s inspiration – rap lyrics to ‘The Favourite’ (author unknown)

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