Words by Lisa Haynes (c) 2008

Out where there is no way to get back

We’re given wings that mere men lack

It’s not a loan, but a gift we can’t return

Not what I earned it’s what I don’t deserve

Your grace, saved face, took my place

Your word, heart’s engraved, soul saved.




String Me Along

Song lyrics based upon a dance scene from the French novel ‘Sentimental Education’ by Gustave Flaubert set in Paris in 1840’s. – about the frivolities of the rich and famous.

A high-class (but dodgy) art dealer wines and dines his mistress in a Moulin-Rouge type establishment while a poor young law student pines after the art dealer’s absent wife.

This song is based on the dance scene only and the music is the style of a 1920’s speak-easy. The tune I wrote it to is clumsily recorded in my voice, should anyone wish to hear it, contact me!

String Me Along

Words by Lisa Haynes (C) 2015


Why don’t you string me along

Pick at my heart string in song

a never-ending chance to swindle a dance

with my handsome heavenly beau

Verse 1:

Drawing aside with one hand

One eye on the raggedy band

She was a débutante dame

of calendar fame

on heels of ivory lace

Verse 2:

He was a singer with soul

wearing blue velvet waistcoat

swingers flowed out and swayed

whenever he played

with ale and lemonade

Verse 3: 

The people moved slowly away

The fireworks floated to fade

the girl fell in his arms

surrendered to charms

as the trumpet stood up to play



Paris in 1800’s image

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