Moon is bright and the water deep

The beat sounds louder than your dragging feet

You can float away, there’s no more to say

What can be done for you?

Walk the narrow board, play the minor chord

What is it to fear, to stay or leave here?

You can fly away there’s nothing more to say

None can be done for you.

Drop a thought in there where no thought exists

Let it brew in there then drink on it

Hand on my throne, slide to the bone

Nothing more to do, me and you.

(c) Lisa Haynes 2008


The Hand of God

The hand of God
Is heavy upon

It pushes me back
Down to

It soothes and warms
My aching

It steals away
My dreadful

It buries me
Whole and


A blunt resistance
On the ledge or lee

Straddle the wide girth
Of the sharp precipice

Suppress the inner hearth
Nurture the inner-sense

Reserve disdain for dignity
The element of disguise

To reach for field afar
To settle for fallen stars

mini ad

The One-Eyed M Makeover

Legality rules the day
In the unkindest of ways
The three J’s were the angels of care
The Mother

Far Far away
Where the houses are grey
and the mist resolves by noon
The Move

To have it all out
Without a shout
A score of ten for the fight
The Marriage

In the melody we meet
In the union of beat
A breaking of major and minor
The Music

To have it all here
Go chill me a beer
backyard lamps and dinner tables
The Mini

To create something together
Despite the poor weather
Regardless of voiceless opinion
The Mattress

The ambition was clear
But the perception was fear
If it weren’t for One thing
The Man



Imago Dei

The train may depart any day

We never knew

So I take each chance to say

What you’ll never know


For every dream awake

We never see

Little memories to make

What you’ll never see


The words that bring life

We never hear

When under the knife

What you’ll never hear


Always finish what you started

We always feel

Until we’re dearly departed

What you’ll always feel

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