Make Room in Our Hearts, Lord

Make room in our hearts for your love, Lord

Help us to be bold with your word

Fill us with the Spirit’s comfort

Overflowing with joy

Rejoice in our hearts

Rejoice and be bold

Rejoice in His Spirit of love

Rejoice in our Holy God


Let us cleanse our body and Spirit

God’s salvation, not our regrets

Help us hold on to your promises

Our Spirit is refreshed

(Written by Lisa Haynes from 2 Corinthians 7)


Faithful God

Loyalty will sprout from the ground

Justice from above, look down

Faithful God you promise us peace


Teach me, Lord to follow you

and I will obey your truth

Faithful God you promise us joy



Shout praises to the Lord

Praises to the Lord

Praise Him now and for-evermore


Your love for me is so great

Jesus rescues us from the grave

Faithful God you promise to save


Words by Lisa Haynes
Verse 1: Psalm 85:11
Verse 2: Psalm 86:11
Chorus: Psalm 115:18
Verse 3: Psalm 86:13


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